Update a Checkbox

Update a Checkbox

I created a Flow that triggers when we transition a Deal to an Onboarding stage.  

The purpose of the Flow is to make sure the Account and Point of Contact exist in Desk and create them if they do not.  It also creates a Desk ticket and a Project in Zoho Projects.

I added a step at the end to update a checkbox on the deal that indicates the Onboarding kickoff tasks are completed.

The issue I am having is the update fails with the following error: "Zoho CRM says "Invalid input for OB_Kickoff.  The expected input type is boolean.""

I noticed in the Output from the trigger the value for the field is initially set to "false" so I assumed the value it is looking for is true but that did not work.

I have also tried setting the value to 1, T, and Yes, essentially anything I can think of that has been known to represent a boolean value over the years and I get the same error every time.

What am I doing wrong here?