Update in Notification Email Address

Update in Notification Email Address

Dear users,

Previously, Zoho Connect notification emails were sent via noreply@zohoconnect.com email address. Now, we have moved it to a new email address, notify@zohoconnect.com. This change has been implemented to bring you clarity and help you understand what the email contains.

This email change has already been completed in the US and IN locations as of now. For IN location, the mail address has been changed from noreply@zohoconnect.in to notify@zohoconnect.in, while for the US location, it has been changed from noreply@zohoconnect.com to notify@zohoconnect.com.

For other regions, this will be reflected by February 7.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

Note- In case, you have enabled email filters, kindly reconfigure them to recognize this new email address. This will ensure that notification emails you receive don't end up unnoticed. Also, if you are using a custom email address (e.g., noreply@zylker.com), this change of email address won't affect your Zoho Connect notifications. They'll still come from the same address.
If you have any questions, reach out to support@zohoconnect.com.

The Zoho Connect Team