Upload Videos to YouTube

Upload Videos to YouTube

Dear Zoho Flow Support Team,

We are writing to request a new feature for Zoho Flow: the ability to upload videos directly to YouTube. This functionality would significantly enhance the automation capabilities of Zoho Flow for managing our YouTube video content.

Current Limitations:

Currently, Zoho Flow lacks the ability to interact directly with YouTube for video uploads (we can use Youtube only as a trigger)

Proposed Feature:

We propose the implementation of an action in Zoho Flow specifically designed for uploading videos to YouTube. This action could offer two options:

  1. Upload from File: Allow users to select a video file downloaded from within flow.
  2. Upload from URL: Enable users to specify a URL pointing to the video hosted elsewhere. This would be the most efficient option, eliminating the need for downloading the video file altogether.


  • Streamlined Workflows: Uploading videos directly to YouTube from Zoho Flow would streamline workflows and improve efficiency.
  • Reduced Data Transfer: Uploading from URLs would minimize data transfer usage within Zoho Flow, as the video would be streamed directly from its source.
  • Enhanced Automation: The ability to upload videos based on triggers or events within Zoho Flow would unlock powerful automation possibilities for YouTube content management.

Use Cases:

  • Automatically upload Zoom recordings or webinars directly to YouTube upon completion.
  • Upload videos from cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox based on specific criteria.
  • Trigger video uploads based on form submissions or other Zoho application events.

We believe this feature would be a valuable addition to Zoho Flow's capabilities and would greatly benefit users who manage YouTube video content through automation.

Thank you for considering our request. We look forward to your response.