Use PageSense Experiment's intelligence, but with our custom code

Use PageSense Experiment's intelligence, but with our custom code

Most experiments as is work for us and our level of customization, attribution data sent upon lead creation to Zoho CRM etc, other than Pop ups.
It feels like Popups are to capture leads yet they don't allow any custom code to run or hidden input fields. We have no way 1. pass attribution data along with the captured data, like utm parameters, referring page, GCLID, GUID, etc to pass to to CRM so we understand where leads are coming from and 2. We currently have to build a custom workflow per pop-up (well actually we haven't successfully done any yet) to pass thias data into our CRM - we can't rely on a static report bc we trigger next steps of lead nurturing immediately from that point of capture and 3. can't make redirect/screen 2 customized based on a condition, like response on a multiple choice.

Mainly, we love the PS audience segmentation and trigger features, like setting Location, JS variables, status/behavior of the visitor etc. but want to be able to just trigger our own form/code within a popup when it is triggered, any ideas?

Additionally there are a lot of limitations to styling these, for example, in adding a multiple choice, the text is not at all customizable, or can't be justified. Would be great to just have a codeblock field in here, that would likely solve most of our problems...

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