Warehouse Location for Items

Warehouse Location for Items

I commented on the July 2019 updates announcement but I wanted to create a location for comments/support for this feature request. This is something I have seen requested for many years and I do not understand what challenge there is to it's addition. (Perhaps I will be educated in a response to this note.)

I have several clients that are implementing Inventory and can't understand why we can't get a physical location of the stock into the system AND printed on a pick / packing slip. Custom Fields are great, but are useless if we can't print them on a template. Without a pick slip, we are either having to build some custom solution or lose the opportunity.

Again, if I am missing the 'secret' that will solve, please let me know. Ignorance can be fixed!

If you agree that this is worth prioritizing, please like this post and comment if you have any insights or ideas.

Trey Noe
Authorized Zoho Partner
Monument Business Services