We heard you. You can now associate multiple contacts to a deal!

We heard you. You can now associate multiple contacts to a deal!

A deal often involves multiple decision makers.

Let's assume Zylker furniture is using Bigin to manage their sales pipeline. They are approached by a firm that wants to purchase some furniture. However, employees at different departments in the firm must approve the purchase. The admins at the firm need to evaluate the quality of the furniture, whereas the admin manager will approve the quotation shared by Zylker furniture. And, finally the Finance department will raise the purchase order and process the payment.

At each stage of the deal we have different parties involved. So Zylker furniture needs to associate all these stake holders to the deal in order to keep all the relevant information related to the deal accessible from one place. 

To capture such additional contacts we have now introduced the Secondary Contacts field in the Deals module.

To add more contacts to a deal
  1. Go to the Deals module.
  2. Click +Deal icon.
  3. In the Create Deal page, enter the relevant details.
  4. To associate more contacts, click on the + icon next to the Contact Name field. Now the Secondary Contacts field will appear where you can add additional contacts related to this deal.

  5. Click Save.
The associated contacts will be available under the Secondary contacts section in the deal's details page.

Also when you open the secondary contacts' detail page, you will find this deal under the 'Deals' related list as 'Secondary Deals'.