We need a Zoho Tasks and a revamped Zoho Calendar

We need a Zoho Tasks and a revamped Zoho Calendar

First off - the Zoho Calendar is really, really bad. It's outdated, kind of slow and just doesn't look good or work good. It needs to be revamped so that it's competitive with Google Calendar. Most of the functionality is already there - it just needs a UI refresh and better integration with Zoho products and better features such as:

  1. All CRM events should show on the calendar. 
  2. All Projects projects should be able to be shown from the project start date to completion date or due date
  3. All Projects tasks should show on the calendar 
  4. All CRM tasks with a due date should show on the calendar 
  5. All Desk tasks with a due date should show on the calendar 
  6. Any tasks/events added from Mail should show on the calendar
  7. Better integration with Google Calendar. Crm you can just link them and it works great - why can't we do that with Calendar? 

We can have tasks in so many products but it's impossible to see an easy overview of all of our tasks. It really make things hard when some tasks may be linked to a project in Projects or some tasks to a Lead or Account in CRM or some tasks linked to a ticket in Desk. 

Having a Zoho Tasks app for an integrated overview of all tasks would be amazing. Somewhere we can see everything and add tasks, choosing which platform it should go to and where, etc. 

Zoho one is a great bang for your buck but more and more it seems like you have quite a few decent products individually but they just don't work together as great as I'd like and I spend so much time trying to figure things out, make workarounds, etc. More and more I wonder if we should just spend the money to have a few GREAT products we can link together via Zapier instead of having a bunch of decent products that are hard to integrate with each other, etc. 

Zoho Flow has helped a bit but there's still so much we should be able to automate via integration between your products and we can't. For instance - Books has projects/time sheets which can be added to recurring invoices automatically. Why can't we set up Desk to automatically add to time sheets on a project in Books or at least have a button to easily transfer it. I've been trying to use Flow for this but it's very hard. 

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