What's new in Zoho Checkout - June and July 2017

What's new in Zoho Checkout - June and July 2017

Hey everyone,

We've added some nifty updates to Zoho Checkout like always to improve your experience. Here's a look at the changes that are in store for the months of June and July.

Get your business GST ready

All the transactions you do with the Indian edition of Zoho Checkout are now GST compliant. We've added all the necessary GST related changes to the app to make your transition into the new taxation system smooth and efficient. 


The GST related additions in Zoho Checkout include:

  • Recording your business' GSTIN number. 
  • Recording the HSN/SAC code if you're selling a product/service via the payment pages.
  • Configuring your tax preferences for intrastate and interstate transactions.
  • Adding new taxes, tax groups, and tax exemptions.
  • Recording your customers' GSTIN on the payment pages.
  • Automatic tax calculation based on the customer's shipping location.


For more information on the GST features, kindly take a look at our FAQs.

Integrate with Zoho Cliq

With the integration between Zoho Checkout and Zoho Cliq, you can now get instant notifications on your Zoho Cliq team channel about payment related events in Zoho Checkout.  This way, everyone in your team can keep tabs on what's happening on the payments front.

Do write to us at support@zohocheckout.com if you've got any queries or concerns. We're always here to help. :)