What's New—August 2023

What's New—August 2023

Dear Backstage users,
We spent August working on a lot of under-the-hood improvements and squashing quite a few bugs. The result? Backstage runs much more smoothly now. And in the midst of all this, we also rolled out a new feature that we're sure you'll like.

So in case you missed them, these are the latest updates from Backstage.

Customize event access with contact groups

Categorize attendees based on their roles, interests, or affiliations to provide exclusive privileges by adding them to contact groups in Backstage. You can do this to provide premium privileges, such as providing access to specific ticket classes and their related benefits. For instance, you may add a contact group for members, VIPs, or for people who are part of exclusive groups. This can help you ensure that the right offers or perks are given to the right segment of individuals who get event tickets when registering for your event.

You can set this up from the Contacts tab, which can be found on the top bar in your portal. This feature is currently in the early access phase, so please contact us at support@zohobackstage.com if you'd like this to be activated for you.

Other updates

  • Zoho Backstage is now supported by the Zoho Directory integration, which will help you add, update, and remove members effortlessly to your event team in Backstage.
  • When editing automated email templates, you now have the option to reset all text and elements to the default state.
  • Add a field for CAPTCHA in the following forms: registration, exhibitor request, sponsor proposal, Get In Touch, and any other custom forms you create.
  • Hidden form fields can be set up with a default value that will allow you to automatically update the information in Backstage for every user who fills in the form. This can be done in the registration, sponsor proposal, exhibitor request, and other custom forms.
  • The option for rendering a form as a page is now available in the Share tab for each form. Previously this could only be accessed under the Form tab found in the Add section dialog box. Because this feature is in the early access phase, please contact us at support@zohobackstage.com if you'd like this to be activated for you.
  • Sub links can be added to the navigation bar to group related pages together on your event microsite.
And that's a wrap. We'd love to know what you think in the comments below. You can also write to us at support@zohobackstage.com with any product-related queries.

Happy organizing!

Last updated on November 9th 2023.