What's New—December 2023

What's New—December 2023

Hello everyone,

Yet another year gone and this month, we worked long and hard because, as you know, work happens a lot faster when it's the end of the year. There were gaps to fill, loose ends to tie, and projects to finish. We hope you're happy with the result.

So here we go with the latest updates from Backstage.

  • We completed phase 2 of our HIPAA compliance initiative. In this update, you can take more control by determining who has permission to access encrypted data.
  • Now you can selectively collect attendee information for tickets from specific ticket classes when anyone registers for your event.
  • We enhanced attendee management by giving you the option to restrict duplicate attendees on an event level or ticket class level.
  • Target specific member roles when sending out scheduled emails or reminders to exhibitors in your event. Easily segment the email recipient list by exhibitor member role for more personalized and efficient outreach.
  • Use search engine optimization tools to enhance performance, attract more traffic, and optimize the visibility of events in your portal.

That's all for this month. As always, we'd love to know what you think in the comments below. You can also write to us at support@zohobackstage.com with product-related queries.

Until next time,
Tina Samuel
Zoho Backstage