What's New—November 2023

What's New—November 2023

We spent November working on under-the-hood improvements and squashing a few bugs. The result? Backstage runs a lot more smoothly now. And in the midst of all this, we also rolled out an important feature.

So in case you missed them, these are the latest updates from Backstage.

Data security for health information with HIPPA

Our HIPAA compliance initiative for Backstage is now implemented, marking a significant step toward ensuring the highest standards of data security for health information. The audit process for the same is currently underway.

With this update, you can now:
  • Seamlessly encrypt any health-related data collected in various forms you add to the event microsite.
  • Export the sensitive data in a password-protected file, ensuring an extra layer of security.
  • Take control by determining who has permission to access this encrypted data.
  • Get an audit trail that captures all activity logs related to such sensitive data. This comprehensive log also lists any changes made by event participants, providing you with a transparent and accountable record of all interactions with the data.
To encrypt form fields in the Form Builder: Click a form field and go to the Data Privacy tab in the right panel.
To export forms: Go to Manage Dashboard > Form responses
To set access permissions: Go to Manage Privacy Permissions tab when editing a user role
To view activity logs: Go to User avatar > User activities 

Other updates

  • Now view the payment gateway used and gateway transaction ID for ticket purchases for orders from the Order Summary tab. You can also view this in the Ticket details section when viewing information for any attendee in the Attendee tab.
  • When exporting order requests, details for each ticket in the order can also be included.
  • Control when meeting slots will be available for event participants to book meetings with exhibitors. This can be set up in the Settings tab from the Exhibitors tab.
  • The footer section in the event microsite can now be set up as a global footer. Provide easy access to essential links and information across every page of your event microsite.
That's all for November. We'll be back next month with more Backstage news. As always, you can write to us at support@zohobackstage.com with your questions, feedback, and suggestions.

Happy organizing!