What's New—September 2023

What's New—September 2023

Hello everyone,

We spent September working on a couple of under-the-hood improvements to make your event planning experience more smoother.

Here are the latest updates from Backstage.

  • Sponsor categories can now be configured with the MAD currency.
  • You can now choose when the event map on the Venue page on the microsite should be displayed. The event map can be rendered automatically or only when the View Map button is clicked. Set this up from the Settings tab in the Design tab.
  • Previously, the visibility for participant count in a session could be managed for all event participants, hosts, and event team members. Now, this option is extended for speakers as well. This can be configured from the OnAir tab in the Manage Dashboard.
  • Enable participants to directly join a running event in OnAir through a uniquely generated URL. This URL can be copied from the General tab under OnAir in the Manage Dashboard.
  • Purchasers in preapproval-enabled events will receive confirmation emails for their sent order requests. These emails can also be resent again, if needed, from the Preapproval tab under Registrations in the Manage Dashboard.
  • Provide direct access to your event from an email by incorporating a button that links to the running event in OnAir. To do this, edit a button you've added in the email and select the Enter event option in the link dropdown found in the button properties. This option is available for emails sent to attendees, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors.
  • Filter and sort options have been provided in the Events tab, Promotional Codes tab under the Tickets tab, and the Team tab under the Manage Dashboard.
  • The upload field in forms now supports a variety of file formats, including TXT, DOCX, DOC, and RTF.
  • Tags for sessions are now prominently listed against each session on the Agenda page in the microsite. Clicking a tag will apply a filter to find similar sessions easily.

Visit our help center for more information on these updates. We'll be back next month with more Backstage news. As always, feel free to write to us at support@zohobackstage.com with your questions, feedback, and suggestions.

Happy organizing!