What's New in Zoho Expense: April 2023

What's New in Zoho Expense: April 2023

Hello customers,

We're thrilled to bring you the latest scoop on what's new with Zoho Expense this month. We have worked on a slew of exciting features and updates to make expense management even more powerful and user friendly. So, let's get started and see what's in store for you this month!

Zoho Expense - Zoho Payroll integration (India Edition)

With this integration, you can pay employee reimbursements along with their salaries hassle free. If an admin marks an approved expense report as "Reimburse via Payroll," the amount that has to be reimbursed for that report will be added to the employee's upcoming pay run in Zoho Payroll and the admin can decide if they want to pay the employee’s reimbursements or refunds along with their pay run. You can also mark the reports as "Reimburse via Payroll" in bulk. Learn more.

New filter in Activity Logs report

In the Activity Logs report, you can now filter out the logs of changes made by a user on another user's details. For example, if you want to check the updates you've made to the role or policy of a user, you can select your name under Activity Logs Of and select the user's name from the Activity Related To filter.

To view this report: Go to Admin View > Analytics > Activity Logs.

Customize your app's theme

The much awaited dark pane is now available in Zoho Expense! Set a dark pane for your sidebar and choose an accent color of your choice. What's more? We've taken personalization to the next level by introducing custom accent colors. You can now customize the accent color of your sidebar from a custom palette and make the app truly your own.

To change your organization theme: Go to Admin View > Organization Profile > Branding.

New preference for the travel desk

The travel desk can now add tickets and booking confirmations directly to trip requests without providing options for flights, trains, or other travel modes. This is useful when users will have to travel the next day or the preference they've mentioned in the itinerary description of their trip is readily available for booking. You can enable this option in Policies.

To set this preference: Go to Admin View and click Policies under Users and Control. Select a policy or create a new policy. Under Policy Settings, enable "Allow admins to add tickets and bookings directly to approved trips" and click Save.

New mileage type for vehicles - GPS

While adding a new vehicle, you can now select if you'd like to record mileage for that vehicle using GPS. Once you select the GPS option, users will be able to record mileage expenses for that vehicle only using the GPS in their mobile app.

To set this preference: Go to Admin View and click Policies under Users and Control. Select a policy or create a new policy. Under Mileage, click Enable Mileage. Click + New Vehicle. Select GPS under Record Mileage Using and click Save.

View previously added booking options

We've now added an option for admins to view travel options that were added to a trip before the bookings were made. Admins can go to a booked trip in the admin view, click View Options and refer to options that were added to an itinerary.

To view options: Go to Admin View > Trips. Select a booked trip. Click the More icon and select View Options.

Quick search for Purchase Requests

Introducing the search tab for Purchase Requests. If you want to find a specific purchase request, simply type the purchase request number in the search bar and Zoho Expense will fetch it for you.

Android app updates

  1. We've moved the Report field to the top of the expense creation form so you can easily associate an expense with a report.
  2. We've provided tax support for the Mexican edition. We've preconfigured taxes based on Mexico's laws; you can apply them to your expenses.

Please take a look at the above updates and let us know how they help your business in the comments below. For any questions, write to us at support@zohoexpense.com.

The Zoho Expense Team