What's New in Zoho Expense: January - March 2023

What's New in Zoho Expense: January - March 2023

Hello customers,

We're happy to see you on the first quarterly What's New post of 2023. Over the past three months, we've developed interesting features and made enhancements to help you perform functions in Zoho Expense seamlessly. Let's dive right in and read all about them.

Preferred departure airport

You can now set up a preferred departure airport. Select the specific airport you usually depart from whenever you go on business trips and the airport will be prefilled in your trip creation forms. Based on the selected departure airport, Zoho Expense will gather the domestic airports and cities for your domestic trips. You can add your preferred departure airport in your Travel Profile or while creating a trip request.

To add the preferred departure airport under your Travel Profile, go to My Settings. Under the Basic Information tab, scroll down to Travel Profile. Click + Add Travel Profile, if you don't already have a travel profile, or click the Edit icon. Select the Preferred Departure Airport and click Save.

Add comments on expense details inside reports

If your report is Awaiting Approval, Approved, or Reimbursed, click the expense inside a report in the admin view, navigate to the Comments tab next to the Details tab to add your comments. No more switching to the report details page to add comments on your expenses.

To do this: Go to Admin View > Reports. Select a report and click an expense. Navigate to the Comments tab and add your comments.

Reject expenses inside reports

We've added a new preference for reports where the admin can configure whether approvers can reject the individual expenses in reports. The option to reject expenses will be enabled by default, however, you can disable it later if required. When this option is enabled, you can reject more than one expense at a time in a report. Simply select the expenses you want to reject and click Bulk Reject, all the selected expenses will be rejected.

To enable/disable this option: Go to Admin View > Settings > Modules > Reports. Under Approval Preferences, you can find the "Allow approvers to reject the expenses in reports" option.

To bulk reject expenses inside reports: Go to Admin View > Reports or go to Approvals under My View. Click a report, select the expenses you want to reject, and click Bulk Reject.

New fields in advance refund and carry forward forms

When you record an advance refund or carry forward, you can now update the accounts to which the advance was refunded or carried forward to in Zoho Expense.

Bulk update branches for users

Now update branches for multiple users at a time using bulk update. Select the users for whom you want to update the branches and associate the preferred branches with them. Also, if you want to unassociate their old branches and associate new ones, simply mark the Overwrite previously associated branches option. The selected branches will be associated and the old branches will no longer be associated with those users.

To bulk update branches for users: Go to Admin View > Settings > Users. Select the users and click Bulk Update. In the Branches field, select the branches that you want to associate with the selected users. Click Save.

Android app updates

  • Upload your travel documents and add your travel details in your Travel Profile from Settings.
  • Make travel profile mandatory for trips from the web app. Once you enable this, a banner will be displayed on the android app restricting users from creating trips without a travel profile.
  • A violation will be displayed in trips if the trip's dates overlap with another trip. You can view the overlapping trips and make changes, if necessary. This feature is still in early access. If you want to enable it for your organization, write to support@zohoexpense.com.
  • If the expenses that you've created online have not been synced, use the Retry Sync option once you connect to the internet and sync the expenses.
  • You can download the documents that are attached to the Attachment section in Trips, Purchase Requests, and Advances.
Do give these features a spin and let us know if they're useful for your business in the comments below. For any questions, write to us at support@zohoexpense.com.

The Zoho Expense Team.