What's New in Zoho Invoice - Q1 2023

What's New in Zoho Invoice - Q1 2023

Hello everyone!

We're excited to share the latest features and enhancements to Zoho Invoice. With payment gateway integrations, tax-related enhancements, and highly requested feature updates, there's a lot that's new!

New Features

Apply TDS to Transactions (Global Edition) 

Enable TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) for your customers and apply different TDS rates to their transactions. You can also track the applied TDS with the newly-added TDS Receivables report. Click a TDS rate in the report to view the transactions to which it was applied. This report can come in handy during tax audits or when you're filing TDS returns for your business.

To enable TDS, go to Settings > Taxes > Tax Settings. Mark the TDS checkbox, and click Save.

Edit the Tax Amount on Sales Transactions (Global Edition)

You can now edit the total tax amount on sales transactions before sending them to customers. This feature can help you correct differences, if any, between the system-generated tax amount and the preferred tax amount. You can also remove the tax amount altogether by entering 0 in the Total Tax Amount field.

To enable this option, go to Settings > Taxes > Tax Settings. Mark the Tax Amount Override checkbox, and click Save.

Integrate with Stripe (India Edition)

Zoho Invoice can now integrate with the Stripe payment gateway. You can set up the integration and use it to receive one-time card payments from your customers. Since Stripe supports both local and foreign currencies, you can receive payments from your customers in different countries.

To set up the Stripe integration, go to Settings > Online Payments. Click the Set Up Now button under Stripe.

Tax Preferences for Discounts at the Line Item Level (Australia Edition)

Choose to include or exclude tax for discounts at the line item level. This only works on flat discount rates and not on percentages. You can choose the Discount Inclusive of Tax option if you want to apply taxes on discounts. Note that if you select this option, your item rate should not be Tax Exclusive. Similarly, you can select the Discount Exclusive of Tax option if you don't want to apply taxes on discounts.

To configure this, go to Settings > Preferences > General.

Display Credit Notes on the Customer Portal

You can now display the Credit Notes tab on the Customer Portal. Once you enable it from Settings, your customers will be able to view their credit notes that are in the Open and Closed status, the invoices to which the credits were applied, and details of any refunds that were issued. In addition, the comments box on a credit note's details page allows your customers to initiate business discussions. 

To enable this tab, go to Settings > Preferences > Customer Portal. Mark the Display credit notes in the portal checkbox.

Enhancements to the Timesheet Module

Assign Codes to Projects

Assign codes to the projects that you work on. This will prove useful when you work on the same project periodically for a particular customer. You can also choose to display this code on the invoices that you send your customers.

Add Users to Projects in Bulk

You can now bulk-update up to 25 projects with one or more users simultaneously. This can help in cases where you need to update all your projects with a particular user, such as an admin that was added recently to your organization.

Redesigned Color Themes

We've enhanced the look and feel of Zoho Invoice. You can now minimize the left side bar to have more space while using the app. Give your organization a makeover by changing it's appearance and accent colour. You can select a fresh theme from the four accent colors or use the custom color picker to set a custom theme that reflects your brand. These settings will be applied to your organization's Customer Portal as well.

That's all for now! We hope you find these updates useful. You can visit the What's New timeline for a full list of previous updates. We update our mobile apps regularly, so visit the App Store or Google Play to ensure you're on the latest version. 

Let us know what you think about these features in the comments below. If you need any assistance, please reach out to us via email at support@zohoinvoice.com.

Best regards,
The Zoho Invoice Team 

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