What's new on Zoho Marketplace in August 2022

What's new on Zoho Marketplace in August 2022

Zoho Marketplace offers 1,500+ extensions to help connect and enhance your Zoho products. Here’s a list of the new extensions released in August 2022.

Extensions for Zoho CRM

Build, launch, and run powerful referral programs that integrate with Zoho CRM. Qualify referred leads by simply updating a lead status inside CRM.

Find an address via Google and link it to an address field in the CRM modules.

Verify landline numbers, mobile phone numbers, and email addresses entered into your Contact forms with ease.

Integrate and sync your data for SAP Business By Design and Zoho CRM one way or bi-directionally for optimizing operations, while providing essential visibility to your sales, marketing, and customer service teams.

Time Tracker for Zoho CRM (Only available for US DC)
Track your time spent on a record and automatically calculate the precise amount based on your hourly rate and the total time spent on a particular record.

Automate data subject requests by scanning Zoho CRM for data linked to specific subjects.

Companyweb for Zoho CRM (Only available for US and EU DCs)
Enrich your leads and accounts with Companyweb data including, company status, credit limit, and much more with just one click. Access detailed financial reports with a direct link to Companyweb.

SMS Extensions for Zoho CRM
Instantly send individual and bulk SMS messages using both templated and customized SMS. 

Email validation extensions for Zoho CRM
Improve your email deliverability with the ability to validate and examine your email addresses with ease. 

simPRO for Zoho Desk (Only available for US DC)
Transfer ticket information to a quote or job and automatically look up the customer and site in simPRO using the customer email listed in Zoho Desk.

Export tickets from Zoho Desk with ease, use various default filter options, and filter tickets using custom fields.

Extensions for other Zoho applications

Promptly send SMS and WhatsApp messages to either single or bulk customers using Pinnacle-approved SMS and WhatsApp templates in Zoho Campaigns.

Pinnacle SMS and WhatsApp for Zoho Books (Only available for US DC)
Instantly send SMS and WhatsApp messages using Pinnacle-approved SMS and WhatsApp templates to write workflows with webhooks.

Export leads from Meetime to Bigin via one-way synchronization and increase your sales reps' productivity with less manual filling.

SMS for Zoho CRM by Zoho Voice (Only available for US DC)
Send and receive SMS messages to domestic prospects and customers using voice and SMS-enabled local phone numbers, and boost customer engagement.

Custom applications

Manufacturer Material Management (Only available for US DC)
Assists admins in managing material manufacturing by tracking all of the data on inward- and outward-bound materials. You can also manage your staff's roles and organizational hierarchy using the app.

Glidin ERP 0.1 (Only available for IN DC)
Helps higher education institutions manage different college resources, like student and staff management, HRMS, staff attendance, library management, transport management, and more.

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Here's an archive of all the releases from previous months, in case you missed any: 

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