Why is identity and access management(IAM) important?

Why is identity and access management(IAM) important?

How do hackers steal password? They find weak passwords. With easily hackable passwords, there's a high risk of data being stolen and used for illegal activities. Hacking passwords and accessing networks has become easier with modern technological advancements. This brings us to the importance of identity and access management (IAM).


IAM provides an additional layer of security over your company's network. IAM solutions help businesses keep track of employee activity by determining who a user is and what they are allowed to do. This strengthens organizations' security and operations. IAM protects users' login credentials and secures their system and data from security incidents.


IAM not only provides secure access for its employees, but also for contractors, customers, remote and mobile users, and business partners. Implementing IAM is very important because of the security it provides. Without an authorization process or mechanism, it's easy for malicious actors to hack, steal, and manipulate data.


 Advantages of IAM

  1. IAM is important for the cyber security of your company, because it's not just the company's data that's at stake, but also the employees'. With IAM controlling user access, there's a significantly lower chance of your company's data getting hacked, deleted, or misused.
  2. An advanced IAM platform can automatically remove a user from the directory when the HR system indicates that the employee has left the organization (i.e., user deprovisioning).
  3. There's also no need to enter passwords again and again to access multiple systems when using IAM platforms that provide SSO.
  4. All of these features help increase productivity and collaboration, reduce operating costs, and improve user experience.