Zia - AI for your business

Zia - AI for your business

Zia -AI for your business

The first question that comes up in your mind is, what is Zia? Zia is an AI powered assistant which will help you all across Zoho ecosystem. With the help of Zia, you can do multiple operations like search, data fetching and text analysis. The best part of Zia is, it communicates as you do in your language. 

Zia can help you with:

  • Sales 
  • Support
  • Business Intelligence
  • Communication and many more things.

Let’s discuss how using Zia in various activities will help your business reach its full potential. Let’s begin with:


You can obtain your leads directly with the help of Zia and Zoho CRM without even pressing a button. Just using your voice is sufficient; if you ask Zia for data, Zia will provide you with scheduling, assigning, and a host of other features.


Are you still having trouble locating support tickets? Zia will assist you. Ask anything, and Zia will give you the information you need. Zia can converse with you in your language using NLP. Zia assists you in resolving support tickets more quickly with Zoho Desk.

Business Intelligence

Your business’s business intelligence will be more effective with the help of Zia and Zoho Analytics. With Zia, you can create any report, chart, or graph efficiently. Just ask Zia, “How much revenue did you make in October?” You will receive accurate results from Zia.


Zia uses Natural Language Processing to interact with you in a human-like manner. You can schedule emails, assign tasks, and do a lot more with Zia’s NLP capabilities. See Zia Voice in action below.

Integrate Zia with 20+ Zoho Applications

From Sales to Marketing Zia will help you in every case. It is just a click a away to unlock the full potential of Zia. With the leverage of Zoho ecosystem you can run your business seamlessly without worrying about anything. Zia does not limited up to Zoho Ecosystem. You can also use Zia with other services like Salesforce, Google Drive and Slack just by integration. 

What’s future hold for Zia?

I would believe that new advancements in AI are occurring every day as the field’s technology getting more sophisticated. In the future, Zia would act as a personal assistant for your company, handling everything from operations to finance and much more. We at Zoho are opening the developer platform for everyone. Where a developer as well as a business owner can leverage the power of Zia. As a developer, you can also use Catalyst by Zoho to build custom application.

What can developers do with Zia?

Some amazing Zia services that power Catalyst, a serverless platform for developers to build any application they want without worrying about servers.

Unlock the full potential of Zia.