Zoho Assist Free Account... did they drop Linux option?

Zoho Assist Free Account... did they drop Linux option?

I've had a free Zoho Assist account for several years that I use to connect to the machines at my house.  In the last year or so, I have been unable to download the linux client...  it says that I'm not licensed for that.  

The last time I reloaded a machine, I copied an install file from another linux box and was able to install it.   

Now I need to retire and replace another Linux machine, and when I use the same Linux client installer, it fails and says I'm not licensed to install it.

Did they drop linux clients from the free tier... or is my account permission gone wonky?   I know I have gotten my money's worth, but I like Zoho and don't want to learn something else if I can avoid it.   A pay account in not worth the once or twice a month I remote into one of my 3 or 4 PCs.

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      • Release Notes: Version 1.91, February 2015

        Unattended Access (Beta) is live!   Unattended Access, a feature requested by a lot of our customers is live now. Currently, it's in beta. You can add up to 100 computers per Technician subscription. They can also be accessed by your organization members.  My Computers  list in Zoho Assist home page will  always  display the online status of your unattended computers. You can rename the computers whenever you wish.  Currently, Unattended Access can be configured only for Windows computers. Nevertheless,