Zoho Checkout is now integrated with Zoho Books

Zoho Checkout is now integrated with Zoho Books

Hello everyone,


We're glad to be announcing that Zoho Checkout is now integrated with Zoho Books. With this integration, you can now handle taxes and accounting on your payment pages with ease.


An organization you create in Zoho Checkout can be added to Zoho Books and vice-versa. Some of the key features and benefits you will receive are:


Seamless sync of customer and invoice data

With the end-to-end integration, the customer and invoice details recorded via the payment pages from Zoho Checkout will be automatically transferred to your Zoho Books organization.


Tax handling on payment pages

Your configured tax settings from Zoho Books can be applied to Zoho Checkout on every payment page you create. The system is designed to handle the tax preferences based on the country you're in.

Auto-accounting of your received payments

You have the option to associate a particular account from the chart of accounts in Zoho Books to a payment page in Zoho Checkout. This will ensure that the right payment amount goes to the right account and all your accountant reports will be reflected accordingly.

For any other queries/concerns regarding the integration, please visit our FAQ page. You can always reach out to support[at]zohocheckout[dot]com for help. :)