Zoho Creator and Okta

Zoho Creator and Okta

Hi ,

We use Zoho Creator and PatchManager

We have 2 applications in Okta for each and both have groups in AD for assigning users. When a user from the PatchManager group accesses their app it redirects them to the this link https://accounts.zoho.eu/signin?servicename=PatchManagerPlusCloud&serviceurl=https%3A%2F%2Fpatch.manageengine.eu%2FcloudErrorPage%3Ferror%3DURL_RULE_NOT_CONFIGURED&signupurl=https://patch.manageengine.eu:443/signup.htmlZoho and generates an error that app is not assigned. Others users assigned the same app get this error https://patch.manageengine.eu/cloudErrorPage?error=URL_RULE_NOT_CONFIGURED

Users assigned the Zoho Creator app get this error 

This affecting a lot of users. Any ideas and assistance would be great