Zoho Creator Upcoming Updates - October 2023

Zoho Creator Upcoming Updates - October 2023

Hello all!
As we step into the final quarter of this year, we're ushering in a fresh wave of improvements and new features to supercharge your experience with  Zoho Creator. Join us today as we present the newest updates and enhancements for this month:
  • App menu builder
  • Notification preferences
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Without further ado, let's delve in and explore each of the updates!

App menu builder

We’re excited to announce our newest addition: the App menu builder. This tool will soon be your one-stop shop for creating easy-to-use, multi-level menus for your apps. With this powerful tool, you can control how your components are organized and make user navigation easier than ever.
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface: This lets you effortlessly organize your components by simply dragging and dropping them to start crafting your design for the desired menu structure.

  • Hierarchical menus: Create categorized menus with ease, enabling users to explore your application's depth seamlessly.

  • Customization options: Make accessing the various sections of your app a breeze by customizing them based on your needs. Add elements (which include existing sections) and components (your forms, reports, pages) to come up with the structure.

  • We listened to your feedback and allowed the approvals menu to be rearranged. We refer to this as a system component and introduced a few others to make menu listing more flexible for the application model.

  • Finally, we'll also be launching the new Favourites option. This lets you mark your most frequently used forms, reports, and pages as favourites and easily access them.
How do I access it?
Navigate to the Design tab in the edit mode of the application and click the App Menu Builder option.

How does it work?
Here's a sample of how a customized menu would look in Live mode.

Illustration of a multi-level menu

A glimpse into the new Favourites section within the App Menu

How do I benefit from this?
The flexible app menu builder will provide your users with customized menus for an exceptional user experience.
Applicable for: C5, C6
Availability: All DCs
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Notification preferences

The soon-to-be launched Notification preferences feature will be a nifty addition that provides you with complete control over customizing your notifications. You'll now have the power to fine-tune your notifications by enabling/disabling the alerts on Record comments, Approval actions, and Transition actions. This helps in preventing unwanted notifications from bombarding you.

Moreover, you'll also have the option to completely turn off notifications.
How do I access it?
Navigate to the Notifications pane and click the Settings icon.

How do I benefit from this?
The Notification preferences feature offers a range of valuable benefits—enhanced relevance, minimized interruptions, improved productivity, and more—to make your user experience more pleasant.
Applicable for: C5, C6
Availability: All DCs
Released on: 2-Nov-23
Reference: Notifications
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With that, we conclude this month's updates. Your continued support keeps us motivated, and we're gearing up to introduce even more thrilling enhancements in the upcoming months.
The Zoho Creator Team

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