Zoho Expense: Product Updates August - October 2022

Zoho Expense: Product Updates August - October 2022

Hello customers,
We've compiled a list of updates made in Zoho Expense over the past three months. These features help report expenses efficiently and, in fact, a few of them were introduced based on popular requests. Now, let's dive right in and read about them.

Bolt Business Integration

If your employees take business rides using the Bolt Business app, then the Bolt Business integration will make ride expense tracking a piece of cake. Every time an employee takes a ride using Bolt Business, the ride's receipt will be imported into Zoho Expense and an expense will be created automatically for that employee. No more recording ride expenses manually!

To enable the integration: Click Admin View > Settings > View All > Bolt Business > Create Bolt Account.

Support for OAuth Authenticated Webhooks Using Connections

If your webhook's URL requires OAuth authentication, you can now set it up using Connections. First, you'll have to create a connection with its authentication type as OAuth. Next, when you create a webhook, choose Connections as the Authentication Type, and select the connection you created with the OAuth authentication type. Once this is done, a webhook with OAuth authentication will be created in Zoho Expense.


Tax for Bahrain Edition

We've introduced taxes in the Bahrain edition of Zoho Expense. Choose any of the default tax rates, namely, the 10% Standard rate, 5% Standard rate, and Zero rate (0%), and apply them to the respective expenses.

To use taxes: Click Admin View > Settings > Taxes.


What's Next Section for Expenses in the Android app

In addition to the iOS app, we've now introduced the What’s Next section in the Android app to suggest what you should do next to complete your expense reporting process.

iOS Updates

The following updates were made in the iOS app.
  1. Share extension: Share up to 10 images or PDFs directly from other iOS apps to Zoho Expense. The shared files will be automatically uploaded for autoscan and converted into expenses.
  2. Delete your Zoho account: In accordance with Apple's guidelines, we've now provided the option to delete your Zoho account from the iOS app. 
  3. iOS 16 updates: With the release of iOS 16, we've introduced new features like, live weather updates, lock screen widgets, live text, app intents, and more. Read our blog to learn how each of these features work.

Try these features and let us know how you're using them for your business in the comments below. If you have any queries, write to us at support@zohoexpense.com.

The Zoho Expense Team