Zoho Expense: Product Updates November - December 2022

Zoho Expense: Product Updates November - December 2022

Hello customers,
As we're nearing the end of 2022, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and love for Zoho Expense. We promise to put together new features time and again to help you have a smooth expense reporting experience. Now, let's go through the enhancements made to Zoho Expense.

Bulk Archive Trips

If your trip is cancelled, closed, or if you've received reimbursements for the trip's expense reports, you can archive it and view it under the Archived filter. With this update, you can now archive and unarchive multiple trips in one go.

To bulk archive trips: Go to Trips on the left sidebar. Select the trips that you want to archive and click Archive.

To bulk unarchive trips: Go to Trips on the left sidebar. Click the All Trips filter and select Archived. Select the trips that you want to unarchive and click Unarchive.

Split Expenses Within Reports 

We've now added the option to split an expense from within a report. You can split an expense into multiple expenses based on its category, amount, or a custom field. When you split an expense from inside a report, the split expenses will be automatically associated with that report.
To split an expense from within a report: Go to Reports on the left sidebar. Click the report that has the expense you want to split. Click the More (...) icon at the bottom right corner of the expense. Click Split. Enter the details and click Save

Allow Other Travellers of a Trip To Associate Reports  

Introducing a new preference for the Trips module. If there are other travellers on a trip, they can now associate their reports with that trip without having to create a separate trip to submit their expense reports. The other travellers can also create a new report under the Reports module and associate it with that trip. Admins can enable this preference under Settings. This feature is available in early access. To enable it for your organisation, you can send an email to support@zohoexpense.com.
To enable this preference: Go to Admin View > Settings > Modules > Trips. Enable Allow other travellers to create and associate their expense reports with the trip and click Save.

Mandate Travel Profile 

To help the travel desk manage employees' booking process efficiently, we've now introduced a configuration in Trips Preferences to mandate the creation of a Travel Profile to create trips. Every employee should provide details such as their Name and DOB as it appears on their passport so that it'll be easy for the travel desk to make bookings.
To create a Travel Profile: Go to My Settings on the left sidebar. Click + Add Travel Profile. Enter the necessary details and click Save.

Custom Status Filter for Expense Reports Details Analytic Report 

In addition to filtering reports based on the default statuses available in Zoho Expense, we've now added the option to view reports based on the custom statuses that you've created. While customizing the Expense Reports Details analytic report, select the preferred custom status and view the details of the reports for which the custom status has been applied. 
To filter report details based on a custom status: Go to Analytics on the left sidebar. Click Expense Reports Details. Click Customize. Select a custom status. Click Run Report.

Support for Electronically Protected Health Information (ePHI)

To help you comply with the HIPAA regulations, we've introduced Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) as a data privacy option in ​​​​the custom fields. You can use ePHI custom fields to store any health information that can be used to identify an individual. The values stored in these fields will be encrypted and will not appear in searches.
To mark a custom field as ePHI: Go to Admin View > Settings > Modules Trips, Expenses, Reports, Advances > Fields > + New Field. Enter the necessary details. Click Yes next to Will this field contain PII/ePHI data? and select the option that fits. Click Save.

Bulk Per Diem for iOS App 

Using the iOS app, you can now record per diem expenses in bulk. Simply enter your travel location along with the duration and Zoho Expense will automatically calculate the per diem for you. You can also record per diem for daily trips to the same location. 
Give all these features a try and let us know how they benefit your business in the comments below. For any questions, write to us at support@zohoexpense.com.
The Zoho Expense Team