Zoho Expense to Books integration is flawed

Zoho Expense to Books integration is flawed

When a user submits a expense report for approval and then the report is approved there is a flaw where zoho books cannot break that single expense into multiple charges to match with any bank or credit card feeds. 

As we know once that report has been approved it cant be changed in zoho books.

This becomes a major issue when purchasing through Amazon (or other retailer such as Alibaba) where they can break that single bill into multiple charges. 

The work around that I was given was to "Exclude" the charge from the feed. Obviously this causes issues to the bank or card reconciliations as they dont match.

Zoho books teams that it is impossible to match multiple charges from the feeds to a single expense.

Seems like the team over at Zoho would like to tell the world how to work as instead of making there own internal systems integrations work in the world.