Zoho FSM Pricing

Zoho FSM Pricing

I just want to let you know that it may be worth revisiting the pricing model for Zoho FSM.  I have already shown it to two clients who really were interested but the pricing/structure was so strange they both declined to move forward.

It was understandable that that zoho may want to have an Appointment Based model....that makes sense I guess.  But then it seems you are pinching the customer for everything after that.   It's like charging $20 for dinner and then requiring an upcharge for the plate...but only paper plates, the cup but only the large cups, that napkin but only some napkins, the fork, the knife, the spoon...but only the soup spoon, etc.

You charge more based on Line Items per Work Order?
You charge more based on the amount of Service Tasks?

This is way too granular

You can have 60 appointments but 500 scheduled maintenance plans...but only 200 of those can be active???? What?? I almost starting laughing as I was trying to explain this to a client while keeping a straight face.

You can have 5 Workflows per module, but only 3 ACTIVE workflows per module
You can have 3 customer functions per module, but only 3 standalone functions per organization

You can have unlimited Work Orders, but only 60 appointments (but wouldn't every WO need an appointment?)

There are certain things that customer expect to pay for (dataspace, users, APIs, Addional features, etc), but this is kind of ridiculous and very complicated to figure out what is needed.  When things get to a point where zoho is tracking line items on a work order - it's way too much and way too complex.

Just a thought since I have lost 2/3 clients so far due to your pricing model and one additional client who is losing patience trying to figure what their costs might be.  They fear that they will be constantly trying to do things and running into an unexpected error saying they don't have the right plan...and have to pay more.

Seriously... keep it simple before you chase more customers away.