Ok, you guys have done a great job at building a platform that has the potential to surmount the competition but these glitches are becoming more than frustrating! This is beyond annoying, I'm trying draft lawsuits and type up privacy and refund policies for a friends online business but the main glitch I keep having is when I save or convert  the document it changes the fonts, format and spacing completely, making my professional work look like it was done by a incompetent amateur. This turns a few hours job into an all day/night affair with fixing and troubleshooting trying to figure out what went wrong. I should not have to tell the people I'm doing work for to reformat or fix errors that I didn't do! You guys are going to force me to remove this app and just deal with Microsoft Word or Google doc. Sad fact is that I really liked this app in the beginning, but now its just becoming a huge let down after you save or convert it to a PDF. That's not the only thing either, it lags like its got pancake syrup in the syntax, it randomly stops typing or I have to spontaneously go and hunt for the cursor when I didn't even move it! It exhibits HUGE spacing errors, for a while I though my computer was being hacked and someone was screwing around with me, but after reading about others experience I see where the fault truly lies. This kind of reminds me of my friends Tesla, it was really great driving until a few month afterwards it started malfunctioning and when she tried to get help from Tesla they just ignored her, exacerbating the frustration, now she drives an Audi. I think I'm just going to have to go about the painstaking task of transferring everything I've done on ZOHO Writer to Microsoft word. I cant uses this and build a rapport and inspire confidence in clients if they have to meticulously edit everything I email too them from ZOHO Writer. Are you guys planning on fixing these issues? Let me know when you do.

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        Hi users, Google has recently announced new guidelines for sending emails to Gmail and other Google-hosted domains. These guidelines will be effective starting Feb. 1, 2024, and can impact the delivery of emails sent from Zoho Writer. Your organization
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        Hello there! Thanks to everyone who wrote to us. We could see you had trouble installing, and using both Zoho Writer and Zoho Clipboard Apps at the same time via Chrome Web Store. To avoid this conflict, we have decided to, as you've already guessed, discontinue the App, and bundle it with the Zoho Writer App itself. Chrome users will only need the Zoho Writer App now to enable Copy and Paste on right click. Here's the how to remove the Clipboard App: 1. Go to your Chrome Apps page by clicking on
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