Zoho - gmail intergration

Zoho - gmail intergration

Hi, I am starting to use Zoho CRM and Project. I want to roll it out across the company but obviously want it to be as slick as possible before I do. I love it but am struggling on some things particularly the integration with Gmail. I am hoping someone can help. 

When I import a contact from Gmail contacts it doesn't always bring the emails with it and if it does it only brings emails from about a year ago in. 

I REALLY need zoho and gmail to work together. Company is about 35 strong and we all use google apps. If I send or receive an email from a client in gmail I need it to be shown in the contact details. If I add a contact through the box a the bottom of a gmail (lookup section) I need it to bring all the existing and future emails with it and ideally also be able to add the contact to a Company. 

I have searched Google for help but cant seem to find clear instructions. Can anyone direct me to some clear help on gmail integration?