Zoho Meeting's call quality

Zoho Meeting's call quality

I'm adding my voice to the ongoing concerns about Zoho Meeting's call quality. Like many here, I've observed that the quality of our company calls using Zoho Meeting has been less than satisfactory.

It's disheartening to note that this issue has been a topic of discussion for over three years now, with little to no clear feedback or decisive action from Zoho. Given that meetings are a critical component of any organization's functionality, one would expect Zoho Meeting to be one of the most efficient and reliable apps in their suite.

To better understand the situation and Zoho's commitment to improvement, could Zoho provide any qualitative or quantitative tests or research? Specifically, information demonstrating how Zoho Meeting's call quality is improving or how it compares to competitors or other platforms would be greatly appreciated. Such transparency would help us make informed decisions regarding our continued use of this tool.

In addition to the ongoing concerns about Zoho Meeting's call quality, I'd like to raise a broader issue regarding the Zoho One suite. While Zoho One appears comprehensive and promising, its effectiveness is diminished if the included apps, like Zoho Meeting, lack in quality or necessary features. This not only affects user experience but can also impact Zoho's reputation.

As customers, we need genuine transparency about the state of your app development. Currently, the narrative from Zoho representatives seems to be uniformly positive, claiming superiority of the apps. However, the reality many customers face includes constant problems and issues with these tools. This disconnect between the marketing message and the user experience is concerning.

True transparency involves openly acknowledging the limitations of your products, sharing a clear and realistic roadmap for improvements, and genuinely addressing customer feedback. This approach fosters trust and gives users a realistic expectation of the product's capabilities and future developments.

Zoho has the potential to be a leader in this space, but it requires a commitment to not only developing great products but also maintaining honest communication with its user base.

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