Zoho Motivator - Popup in Zoho CRM

Zoho Motivator - Popup in Zoho CRM

When you work as a salesperson and you want to be motivated you start a game in Zoho motivator. BUT there is no way for me to see the game when i working in CRM!

Zoho Desk have this function when you for example have closed 9 cases you get a popup saying that close one more and you will be rewarded for this. !!!

Is this something that you are working on or do you have this already? 

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      • 'Motivator for Zoho CRM' will replace Zoho Motivator

        Zoho Motivator was an add-on product to Zoho CRM used to improve sales activity management by reinforcing positive sales behaviors. As you know, we planned on bringing Zoho Motivator to EOL in order to bring the benefits of the product directly to Zoho