Zoho Payroll's Latest Updates : March 2023

Zoho Payroll's Latest Updates : March 2023

At the heart of our work is our customers. We aim to provide payroll software that not only fulfills your needs but also surpasses your expectations. We believe in constantly challenging ourselves to create functional and appealing software, providing you with an intuitive experience.

With this philosophy in mind, we are thrilled to share the latest features developed throughout February. Our team has worked hard to introduce TDS liabilities, Challans, and Form 24Q, alongside other enhancements such as renaming the termination process to the exit process, adding departments and designations, rehiring options for terminated employees, and significant improvements to our Zoho Payroll mobile app.

Department and Designations

Departments and Designations in Zoho Payroll allow you to better organize your workforce according to different divisions or units such as Marketing, Sales, HR, Finance, and Operations, as well as the job titles of employees within each department.

Organizations can streamline their payroll processes, improve data management, and gain valuable insights into their workforce by creating and managing departments and designations.

Departments and Designations make it easier for you to manage your data more efficiently. This helps you save time and effort when processing payroll. Learn More.

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Here's how you can create Departments/Designations in Zoho Payroll: Click Settings > Departments/Designations > + New Departments/Designations.

Updated Termination Terms in Zoho Payroll

We have revised the terminologies relating to employee termination. Termination Process has been renamed to Exit Process, and Termination Payroll has been renamed to Final Settlement Payroll. We believe that this simple change reflects a more positive approach to managing employee exits.

With improved filtering capabilities, you can now filter exited employees by their reason for exit, making it easier for you to list the employees who have left your organisation. Learn More.

Rehire Exited Employees

This feature allows you to easily rehire an employee who has previously exited. When you rehire a terminated employee, their details for this financial year will be available in Zoho Payroll. If the employee has access to the employee portal, they can also view their previous payslips and forms that were recorded in Zoho Payroll. 

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TDS Liabilities, Challans, and Form 24Q

As per Indian tax laws, employers are responsible for deducting tax at source (TDS) from their employees' salaries and remitting it to the government. This ensures that taxes are paid promptly and efficiently. In Zoho Payroll, the TDS Liabilities, Challans, and Form 24Q are all interconnected and play a crucial role in ensuring accurate and timely TDS payments.

Pre-Requisite: You must enable the feature to view the TDS Liabilities, Challans, and Form 24Q modules. To do this, click View Details on the left sidebar and click Enable.

TDS Liabilities

TDS Liabilities refer to the total amount of TDS that an employer is liable to deduct from their employees' salaries. This amount is calculated based on the employees' income tax slab and their eligible deductions under the Income Tax Act. In Zoho Payroll, the TDS liabilities are calculated automatically for each employee based on their salary and tax deductions. Learn More.

Pre-Requisite: You can view the TDS liabilities only if you have submitted and approved your pay run.

To view the TDS liabilities in Zoho Payroll: Go to Taxes and Forms > TDS Liabilities > View Details.


Challans are payment receipts that are generated when an employer remits their TDS liabilities to the Government. These challans are proof of payment and must be recorded in Zoho Payroll. Learn More.

Once you’ve viewed the TDS Liabilities, you can record the challan for it. Here’s how: Go to Taxes and Forms > Challans > Click Record Challan.

Form 24Q

Form 24Q is a quarterly statement that employers should submit to the Government. This statement details the TDS liabilities, the tax deducted from each employee's salary, and the amount remitted to the Government. In Zoho Payroll, you can generate the text file based on each employee’s salary and TDS information.

Once you generate the text file, you’ll have to attach the text file and generate the .fvu file using the FVU tool provided by the Tax Information Network. Once you generate the .fvu file, you can submit it to the Indian Government through an online portal. Learn More.

Here’s how you can view Form 24Q details in Zoho Payroll: Go to Taxes and Forms > Click Form 24Q > Select the quarter for which you’ve processed the pay run > Click View Details.

Zoho Payroll Mobile App Updates

  • Extended Support for New States: One of our recent updates is the addition of support for several new states in the US edition of our Android app. Specifically, we have added support for South Dakota, New Hampshire, Nevada, Alaska, Utah, Georgia, Minnesota, Montana, and Wyoming. With this update, businesses in these states can now use Zoho Payroll to manage their payroll processes with ease.
  • Tax Withholding: The tax withholding module in Zoho Payroll has been revamped for the US Edition. The new system offers an improved user experience and makes it easier for employers to manage tax withholding for their employees.
  • Reimbursements: Zoho Payroll offers a convenient way for users to create reimbursement claims for expenses incurred on behalf of the company for the Indian edition. With the Share Extension feature, users can easily share their bills from any app to create reimbursement claims in the Zoho Payroll app.

That's a wrap for now! We are always eager to hear your suggestions so we can help you better. If you have a feature request, please share it in the comments below.

If you require assistance, please write to us at support@zohopayroll.com, and we'll get back to you. Stay tuned for more updates from Zoho Payroll!

The Zoho Payroll Team

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