Zoho Projects + Zoho Sprints + Zoho Invoice - It's a catch-22 mess!

Zoho Projects + Zoho Sprints + Zoho Invoice - It's a catch-22 mess!

Until now, we've predominantly used Zoho Projects to manage our client projects. We invite our clients to the project as Client Users and use the Projects to Zoho Books/Invoice integration to generate invoices from work hours logged on Timesheets. That all works great!

For some projects, we are now moving to a more agile approach. Therefore, we decided to take advantage of Zoho Sprints, which is also integrated with Zoho Projects and offers the flexibility of switching between the two. But this is where things start to break down...

If using Zoho Projects and you add Client Users to the project, they will NOT be synced to Zoho Sprints unless you purchase a full Zoho One license for each Client User.

Hmmm, ok, so let's use the native Client User support in Zoho Sprints, which allows you to purchase Client User licenses, which are ultimately lower cost than a full Zoho One license. That's great. You can add Client Users, but what you now can't do is Invoice directly from Sprint Timesheets as there is no integration between Sprints & Invoice/Books.

What happened to the concept of One unified business solution? This shows a complete lack of joined-up thinking. Either pay for a full license just so a client can access one very small part of the whole Zoho One offering, or figure out a manual way to invoice. It's just crazy! You couldn't make this stuff up!

If anyone has any smart workarounds, feel free to let me know! Maybe I'm missing something, but after multiple support calls & screen shares I don't think we are.

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