Zoho Show - Deleted Slide Still Plays

Zoho Show - Deleted Slide Still Plays

I have embedded graphs from ZOHO analytics displayed using ZOHO show. 

One computer I use in my office to create and edit the slideshow(s) and I have another computer hooked up to a TV on my shop floor to continuously display the slideshow on a loop. I am using Chrome as a browser and have disabled caches in the developer settings on the computers displaying the slideshow. 

The problem I am having is that when I remove a slide from the slideshow using the computer in my office, that slide DOES NOT come off the slideshow being displayed using the computer(s) on the shop floor unless I physically walk to that tv and refresh the browser. This is a problem, because I have several TV's setup across five different plants each with their own dedicated slide show. Is there something I am missing? To me I would think since the slides are loading each time the slide changes and caching is turned off, it should automatically perform this function.


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