ZoHo Show Video Slides not paying in presenters view

ZoHo Show Video Slides not paying in presenters view

Two issues lately.

We are a school and have added a number of short videos to a number of slides in a  Show presentation by uploading the videos to a work drive folder, then creating an embed code then adding the embed code to the slide. 

We then create an external share link so our instructors can access the folder with the Show file to present our courses VIA Zoom. 

Lately two issues are happening.

To start in both scenarios we are sharing the smaller audience screen that pops up in presenters view on Zoom.  One thing we have always noticed is the only way to get the videos to play is to click on the play icon on the shared screen, not the presenters screen that shows notes and the next slide are shown. So when I say we are trying to play the videos we are clicking on the play icon on the shared screen. 

1. When the presenter gets to a video slide and tries to play the video by clicking on the play icon on the shared screen the play icon id dead. It wont click at all, he has to quit out of presenters view and start again to get it to play. 

2. When he gets to a video slide the play icon is stuck loading the video wi the green circle going around and around the pay icon. As if its a huge file. But its not is a 60 second video in most cases. Plus that is not happening the presenters screen. That screen will play the video. But the audience wont see it played from there. THE shared audience window just sits with the play icon spinning. Again he only solution is to quit the presenters view and start over and go back to the slide that wouldn't play. It will work fine for a while then happen again. 

We have seven instructors presenting about twelve presentations. We have been doing this since 2020. Last December all worked fine. Its only been the last few weeks our instructors have been complaining the videos are not playing. Some cary on then go back at the end. Very very bad for our school. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank You Phil  

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