Zoho ShowTime: Certificates of Completion - Award your learners with a sense of achievement

Zoho ShowTime: Certificates of Completion - Award your learners with a sense of achievement

In our increasingly competitive market, professional trainers need to differentiate themselves if they are to survive. One way to do this is to focus on innovation and deliver an ideal learning experience. By developing a renowned certificate program that provides learners with a specialized skill set for a particular industry, both trainees and future prospects will recognize the trainer's leadership in that field. This can help with long-term growth, revenue generation, and even marketing and branding.

The WorkHuman Research Institute’s study on ROI of achievement recognition found that 82% of employees are more engaged, and 79% involve themselves more when they receive regular recognition for their work. Certification is a convenient, tangible form of recognition that can be an important, visible element of digital learning that can motivate and reward people for the initiative they take to learn new skills. By incorporating these into your digital learning course, you’ll make learners feel their training is important and their efforts are appreciated. 

The motivational benefits of certification will help learners keep track of their own progress and development goals. Zoho ShowTime makes it easy to import and customize certificates which can be awarded to attendees once they complete a training. This certificate can be saved and printed, helping them progress through the training sessions with a sense of achievement.

Here's how to customize and issue certificates in ShowTime:

1. Log into Zoho ShowTime by accessing showtime.zoho.com.

2. After creating a session, click on the Certificate tab, then click on Create Certificate to create a certificate

3. Using the certificate edit option, you can change default settings to customize the background image, margins, orientation modes, and more. ShowTime offers six different design settings to use in your certificate.

4. After editing and finalizing the design of the certificate, you can send yourself a sample certificate to give your trainers a preview of how it looks.

5. Once you create the custom the certificate and a trainer completes the course, you can issue certificates by selecting the learner's names manually under the People tab and clicking Issue Certificate.

This is how the downloadable certificate sent via email looks. 

Note: Our next release will focus on the automatic issuing of certificates where trainees will receive a certificate once they pass the 'Test' or satisfy any evaluation parameters fixed by the trainers. This feature is currently under development and we'll definitely keep our community members posted once it's ready. 
This recognition via certificates will keep learners committed to their training, and they’ll be more likely to stay engaged until the end. In fact, a recent study found that when certificates are removed from the learning experience, course completion rates drop by almost 50%. With ShowTime, enjoy incorporating certificates into your courses and reward your trainees with recognition of their accomplishments.

Note: The certificate feature will be available for users in ShowTime's professional and enterprise plans.

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