Zoho Sprints app update - Android

Zoho Sprints app update - Android

Hey Zoho Sprints Community,

In the latest Android version(v1.2.8) of the Zoho Sprints mobile app we have supported a list of fantastic features. Here are those:

1. Timer Feature: With Timer, you can seamlessly Start, Pause, Resume, and Stop timers directly within the Zoho Sprints app. This enhancement is aimed at making time tracking more intuitive and convenient.

2. Activity Stream in Item Details: We have integrated an Activity Stream into the Item Details side panel view. Now, all activities carried out on a specific item will be neatly listed in the Activity stream, providing you with a comprehensive history of changes and updates.

3. Complete Log Hours Details with Custom Fields: You can now access a detailed view of log hours, including custom fields. This enhancement allows for a more granular understanding of time entries, facilitating better analysis and reporting.

Log Hour & Timer Details Page


1. Release Fields in Add/Edit Log Hour Form: We've included Release fields in the Add/Edit log hour form, providing you with additional context when logging hours. 

2. Status and Owner Fields in Edit Item Form: We have added Status and Owner fields in the Edit item form. This improvement allows for more comprehensive item management directly from your mobile device.

To enjoy this features, please make sure your app is up to date. You can update the app either by directly going on to the Play Store or by accessing the link given below:

Zoho Sprints mobile app - Play Store 

Hope you find this update useful. If you encounter any issues or just want to share your thoughts on the update or the app, feel free to reach out to us at sprints@zohomobile.com. Additionally, you can submit feedback directly through the app (Sprints app > 'Hamburger icon' > Feedback).

Good day!