Zoho WorkDrive - Rclone

Zoho WorkDrive - Rclone

Has anyone been able to successfully sync data from Zoho WorkDrive using Rclone?

I have been trying for days to get this to work. It always seems to fail out when it gets to large files. For instance, I have a sync that has been running now for over 12 hours, yet no movement has been done in that time.

The screenshot has the same percentages as 12 hours ago, but the speed indicators do keep changing, even the ones that show 0/s in the screenshot.

I am also getting error messages on some files.
  1. Failed to copy: failed to open source object: HTTP error 422 (422 Unprocessable Entity)
  2. Failed to copy: multi-thread copy: failed to write chunk: http2: server sent GOAWAY and closed the connection
I have used OneDrive (Business & Personal), Google Drive, Wasabi, Cloudflare R2, and many other providers with same data without any issues. Only Zoho WorkDrive gives these problems.

It seems this may even be a known issue with Zoho WorkDrive. One of their devs actually reached out to the Rclone forums last December. The lead developer of rclone responded proving that the issue is due to limits placed by Zoho, but never got another reply from the Zoho dev team.

Does Zoho have any intention of fixing this? Because if not, I need to move back to OneDrive.