Zoho Workerly introduces "Billing for a particular shift"

Zoho Workerly introduces "Billing for a particular shift"

Hello everyone,

Zoho Workerly is back with yet another enhancement that will make billing for a job even more convenient. Instead of billing for an entire job, you can now have separate billings for individual shifts.

A customer support job may have morning and night shifts. Companies may choose to benefit employees in the night shift further more than the employees working in the morning shift.

When you create a job, just select "Individual Shift" under the billing information.

You can define each shift, its base pay, benefit cost, and margin cost. And this is for weekdays, weekends, and holidays.

If you select "Define Rate for Each Day", you can define base pay, margin cost, and benefit cost for each and every day. These options give you the flexibility to define rates for various jobs that demand different rates for different shifts.

We'll be sure to come up with more such exciting and useful features in Zoho Workerly.

Questions? Feedback? Suggestions about this feature? Write to us at support@zohoworkerly.com or drop them as comments below.

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