Zoho Writer's built-in citation and bibliography generator

Zoho Writer's built-in citation and bibliography generator

Hey researchers and writers!

Do you manually format citations and bibliographies, spending hours jumping between apps and tabs? If so, then check out Zoho Writer's built-in "Citations and Bibliography" feature.

Imagine you're writing a thesis on the future of sustainable energy, citing a number of articles, books, and websites. But you dread manually formatting all those citations. With Zoho Writer's citation generator at your disposal, your job is now a breeze.

Utilities of Writer's citation generator

  1. No more tedious manual typing! Choose your source type (book, website, journal, etc.) and watch Zoho Writer populate the author, title, and year.
  2. Need to switch between APA, MLA, or Chicago styles? No problem! Zoho Writer adapts to your preferred format with ease.
  3. Whether it's an academic journal or a cutting-edge website, Zoho Writer makes sure no source is left behind!
  4. Build a dedicated library for each document, keeping your references organized and easily accessible. ️
  5. Write and cite seamlessly in the same window. No more switching between apps and losing your flow.
  6. Collaborate on citations with your co-authors, ensuring every source gets credit.
  7. With a single click, Zoho Writer generates a bibliography, saving you time and effort.
Check out our blog for further information. And if you have any questions or feedback, don't hesitate to share them in the comments below or write to us at support@zohowriter.com.

Happy writing!

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