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    • Zoho Creator Upcoming Updates — March 2024

      Hello all! Zoho Creator remains committed to enhancing your productivity and efficiency, and this month's update reflects that dedication. Here are the improvements coming your way this month! Voluminous data processing using batch workflows Importing
    • Zoho Creator - [Free Webinar] Creator TechConnect Series - Customizing mobile applications in Zoho Creator

      Hello Everyone! We welcome you all to the upcoming free webinar on the Creator Tech Connect Series. The Creator Tech Connect series is a free monthly webinar that runs for around 45 minutes. It comprises technical sessions in which we delve deep into
    • [Free Webinar] Learning Table Series - Creator for the Logistics Industry

      Hello Everyone! We welcome you all to the upcoming free webinar - Learning Table Series. The Learning Table Series is a free monthly webinar that runs for around 45 minutes. It's offered to our Community users and aims to provide a dynamic learning experience
    • Zoho Creator Upcoming Updates — February 2023

      Hello all! A very happy new year to all of you! We're back with the very first monthly update of the year! Your support has made Creator's journey in 2022 both momentous and remarkable, and we'll be striving hard to make sure 2023 is even more incredible.
    • Zoho Creator Upcoming Updates - October 2023

      Hello all! As we step into the final quarter of this year, we're ushering in a fresh wave of improvements and new features to supercharge your experience with Zoho Creator. Join us today as we present the newest updates and enhancements for this month:
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    • "Multilevel" lookup

      Hi, I'm dealing with the following scenario: -I have a form to manage customer registry, containing fields like name, surname, telephone, email, etc. -Another form is used to manage contracts. Here, I input contract data and reference the customer using
    • SubForm Custom Sort - Deluge Workflows

      I have been experimenting with the Custom Order function of Subforms, it works beautifully within the subform itself and retains the sorting order. However, I need to be able to iterate through the records in Deluge using the sort order (The usage case
    • Vertical Continuous Scroll Calendar Report

      I'm assuming there's no way to do this, but I thought I'd ask just in case. Is there any want to make a calendar report that has all the months on one page, or like all in line vertically so that I can just scroll through the months instead of having
    • Record summary link for Customer Portal

      Dears, I'd like to ask what is the URL for the record summary view used for the Customer Portal? I have a blueprint and there is a stage that needs the customer to confirm via the customer portal. There would be an email sent to him/her with the link
    • Checking for duplicate entries

      I am using the below script, which I would think would work as intended, however there is something going on with the Name field. When I strip down the code to only check for Shift Start and Event, then it works fine. As soon as I add the Name field,

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      • Merge and Store v1 API depreciation

        Hi Zoho Writer users, The Merge and Store v1 API allows you to store the merged document in Zoho WorkDrive. The response of this API will be returned with the document's ID only after the merge is complete. In Deluge, the maximum timeout for operation
      • Zoho Creator - 2023 Release Projection 1

        Hello everyone! A very Happy New Year to you and your family. Hope you're all good and having a great time using Zoho Creator to make your lives easier and your businesses prosper. 2022 was an action-packed year for us at Creator, and we hope to continue
      • Zoho Creator User Group meetups in a city near you! - Oct - Nov, 2023

        Greetings from the Zoho Creator team! We're hosting a series of Zoho Creator meetups in various cities across the globe, and we'd love to meet you there! Our meetups are a great opportunity to network with industry peers, exchange ideas and best practices,
      • Zoho Creator - 2023 Release Projection 2

        Hello everyone! Time truly flies when you're having an incredible journey, and today we mark the completion of an eventful and action-packed six months. It feels like just yesterday when we embarked on this adventure together with the launch of our new
      • Celebrating our Zoho Community SuperBuds!

        The SuperBud program recognizes the efforts Zoho users  put in to help the rest of the community thrive and grow in their individual Zoho journeys. Be it the ZUG meetups  or these forums, several Zoho users including our MVPs andZUG leaders, have stepped