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    • [Early-Access] A couple of minor enhancements to Workflows - Early Access

      We are elated to announce a couple of enhancements to custom functions in our Workflows! Say hello to: "Source" and "Previous Values". Source: Ever wondered if your workflow was triggered due to a merge action or a regular delete? Say goodbye to guesswork!
    • [Early Access 2024] Unveiling Cadences Studio: Redefining CRM interactions with automated sequential follow-ups

      Last modified: Tue 23 Jan, 2024 Cadences Studio will be released in a phased manner. You can submit your request for Early Access by using the following link: Request for Early Access We have scheduled a few webinar sessions on Cadences Studio for Tuesday,
    • Rich-text fields in Zoho CRM

      Hello everyone, We're thrilled to announce an important enhancement that will significantly enhance the readability and formatting capabilities of your information: rich text options for multi-line fields. With this update, you can now enjoy a more versatile
    • Email support added for Vendors module in CRM

      Hello folks, We're making a highly anticipated upgrade to the Vendors module: You'll now be able to send emails (including mass emails) and track your email conversations with vendors within CRM. So, email conversations about inquiries, contracts, joint
    • Enhancements to finance suite integrations

      Hello everyone! We're delighted to announce some enhancements we've recently made to the finance suite integration with Zoho CRM. These improvements focus primarily on two major integrations: Zoho Books Zoho Subscriptions We've implemented these updates
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    • :between: conditions in search?criteria

      Hello, please help solve problem I try to select deals by Creater_Time between dates i send this GET request /crm/v4/deals/search?criteria=(Created_Time:between:(2024-02-01T18:52:56,24-02-17T18:52:56)) encoded to /crm/v4/deals/search?criteria=%28Created_Time%3Abetween%3A%282024-02-01T18%3A52%3A56%2C24-02-17T18%3A52%3A56%29%29
    • Error when attempting to add an item to a related list in Contacts

      Hi, In our contacts layout we have created a Lookup field called "Trusted" to allow users to link other contacts to main contact. I need to add items to this list for any given contact via the REST API. I've been following the article https://help.zoho.com/portal/en/community/topic/kaizen-48-related-lists-and-related-records-api
    • CRM calculation issue

      Hi, CRM have calculation issue. Can you please have a look on it.
    • Browsing files uploaded via API?

      Hi everyone! I'm uploading files to be used with ZohoCRM with the relevant API. It's working, but I was wondering, how can I browse those file and eventually delete them? Thanks for your assistance!
    • Custom function to update a filed in a lead

      I have some leads that come in with Not Provided in the Company field. This is due to the company field not being required. Not everyone who fills out our form is a company, hence the reason for not making the field required. This has caused another issue