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    • Customer Portal and Vendor Portal will soon be hosted on a new domain

      Dear users, We're changing the Customer and Vendor Portal's default domain from inventory.zoho.com/portal to inventory.zohosecure.com/portal for security reasons. Starting from 3 June 2024, customer and vendor portal users will automatically be redirected
    • Tip #1 Automating online sales order to invoice conversions in Zoho Inventory

      Hello,   Hope the day is treating you well. We've been getting more than a few requests from online sellers who use Zoho Inventory to help them automate invoice generation for all online orders that drop into Zoho Inventory automatically from a sales channel or a shopping cart that they have integrated. Are you an online seller like them? Then we've got some exciting news for you. You can do it with the help of a few simple things that we'll see here today. So how do we go about this? If you have
    • Introducing Batch Tracking on Zoho Inventory!

      Ever wanted to track the expiry dates of your products so that you may be able to sell every item that arrived in a batch?  Ever wanted to curb the instances of selling defective units to your customers?  Well, your wait is over!  We have something that would help you do all these things and more.  Zoho Inventory is happy to announce the release of its much-awaited feature, Batch Tracking! What is Batch Tracking?  The term Batch Tracking, in its primal form means, to track a group of items with similar
    • Zoho Inventory will discontinue support for older browser versions soon

      Hello users, Starting from May 15, 2024, Zoho Inventory will no longer support the following browser versions: Browsers Version Restrictions Firefox Browser Versions older than 100 Google Chrome Versions older than 100 Microsoft Edge Versions older than
    • Tip #3 Automating total item weight calculation for your sales orders in Zoho Inventory

      Hello, Hope the day is treating you well. Last week, we saw how we could automate the calculation of total shipping charges from numerous shipments for your sales orders and invoices. This week, we will see how you can automate the calculation of total item weight for your sales orders.  How does this work? First, you are required to capture the weight of all your items using a custom field. And when you create a sales order, you can either have the system display the individual weights for you or
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    • How Organize Items

      Hi. I'm new to Inventory and fiddling how to use it for our business and sales process. Could somebody please push me in the right direction? Almost everything we sell consists of ready-made individual parts that we buy in, upgraded with parts we produce
    • WhatsApp Link Generator On Customer/Vendor Contact Numbers

      Hello, please add a WhatsApp link generator feature to easily open a chat with a customer via WhatsApp. The customer module has a Skype option, I'm sure it could have a WhatsApp option, even in the vendor module. It would be especially handy if the WhatsApp
    • warehouse tab in items module

      we do not like this move at all. it says "now check your stock location details in a consolidated space" it was already. now we gotta click back and forth. all these "updates" are just more clicks. how many screens are we going to need in the next u
    • Salesperon PlaceHolder

      Hello, I want to add the salesperson in an invoice email notification but salesperson is not listed as a placeholder. How can we get this done? Thank you
    • Invoice QR Code Checkbox In PDF Template Missing

      Hello, I see an option to add a QR Code, there is note see below, that mentions a checkbox, but there is no checkbox. Note: You can display this QR code in your invoice PDFs. To do this, edit the invoice template from PDF Templates in Settings and select