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    • Unable to remove task layout

      Hello, We had a task layout setup in Zoho Projects for testing, but when I wanted to it from projects, I kept getting the error that the layout cannot be deleted not because there is a Project associated with the layout. See the error screenshot below.
    • Planning non-staff costs

      What is the intended method for planning non-staff costs such as travel disbursements etc.? I can link zoho projects to zoho expenses, but that only tracks expenses once they've occured. We have projects with significant travel costs that I need to plan
    • Copy, Duplicate, or Clone a Custom View?

      I searched the forums and didn't see anything on the subject. Is there a way to copy, duplicate or clone a custom view? I want a custom view similar to one I've already created. I just want the columns in different order.
    • Zoho Projects Severity Update via API

      Hey team, Is there any API call I can make via postman to update the severity of a bug/ticket in my Zoho projects ? For eg, I want to update the severity of my bug/ticket from "based on Due date" to "Minor" from an API call
    • View all Tags

      I swear there was a way to view all tags being used in every project rather than clicking on the dashboard of a certain project to view what tags are being used. The wiki (https://help.zoho.com/portal/en/kb/projects/settings-in-zoho-projects/portal-configuration/articles/tags-projects)

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      • Auto-update the Successor Task Status.

        Hello folks! We have come up with a new use case for custom function to help you automate the workflow of your tasks. Users can write their own Custom Functions using deluge and call them from a workflow. Consider a scenario where the status of the successor
      • Resource Utilisation is now Workload Report

        On behalf of the team, I am thrilled to share a significant transformation in one of our pivotal features – the current 'Resource Utilisation' chart is now reborn as the more versatile and insightful 'Workload Report'! It is not about just the name change.
      • Collaborate Visually with Whiteboard in Zoho Projects

        Whiteboard in Zoho Projects allows you to collaborate visually by creating diagrams, annotating designs, and sketching project workflows using shapes, text, and images within project modules. Team members can work simultaneously, improving productivity
      • Building extensions #7: Create custom widgets for a simplified end-user experience

        Discover the benefits of using widgets! We explored the significance of widgets, prerequisites, and the availability of JS SDK methods as part of our previous post. In this post, let's go over a detailed example of using widgets along with certain Zoho
      • Introducing Projects 8.0 - Focusing on Ease-of-Use and New Features

        Hello everyone! It's time for the reveal of the 8th version of Zoho Projects! This year our focus has been on minimizing the learning curve and improving the ease-of-use of the tool, so anyone new to Projects can hit the ground running and existing users