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    • Cleanup of inactive verified domains

      Greetings from the Zoho Accounts team! We are bringing a new addition to our existing domain cleanup process. We already have a domain cleanup process for unverified domains, which happens after 90 days. We are extending it to inactive verified domains
    • How to create a strong password? #WorldPasswordDay

      The first Thursday of every May is celebrated as the World Password day. It was started by Intel in 2013 based on the idea of a security researcher named Mark Burnet who encouraged people to change their passwords often. On this day, let's look into the possible ways one can create a strong password: Use combination of upper and lower case alphabets Use special characters Avoid using dictionary words Avoid using the same password for multiple online accounts Use a minimum of 8 characters Avoid using
    • How Zoho protects you from breached passwords?

      Cyber attacks, password breaches, and hacked online accounts have been recurring news for quite some time now. In the last decade alone, dozens of companies ranging from social media giants like Facebook and LinkedIn to software tycoons like Adobe became major victims of cyber attacks. Zoho is constantly monitoring these security-related incidents closely and have added an extra layer of security to protect your data. One such feature is the Breached Passwords Check. What are breached passwords?  
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    • Can't sign into OneAuth using ZOHO account to activate it

      Trying to create account on OneAuth, it seems like it recognizes me because it said I had limited successful sign in's today but short after next step it says Login Failed, The data couldn't be read because it isn't in the correct format. See attached