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    • Follow Work-items and Convert a Sub-item into an Item - Sprints

      Hello Sprinters! In the latest Android version (v1.2.10) of the Zoho Sprints mobile app, we have bought in support for a list of functionalities. Here are those: 1. Work Item Followers: You can now follow or unfollow a work item without being assigned
    • Checklists - Sprints

      Hello, Sprinters! In the iOS version(v1.2.18) of the Zoho Sprints mobile app, we have introduced support for Checklist feature. What is checklist? Work items or subitems specify the tasks at hand, while checklists offer a meticulous roadmap for their
    • Introducing Zoho Sprints 2.0 - User Experience Redefined

      Greetings sprinters! Get ready to upgrade to a better version of project management today as we proudly unveil Zoho Sprints 2.0 - an extraordinary leap towards a more intuitive and delightful user experience. The core of this release lies in a complete
    • Clone Work item - Zoho Sprints mobile app - Android

      Hello, Sprinters! In the latest Android version(v1.2.9) of the Zoho Sprints mobile app, we have brought in support for an option to Clone Work items. You can now clone work items directly from the item detail page. This handy feature makes it easier than
    • Zoho Sprints app update - Android

      Hey Zoho Sprints Community, In the latest Android version(v1.2.8) of the Zoho Sprints mobile app we have supported a list of fantastic features. Here are those: 1. Timer Feature: With Timer, you can seamlessly Start, Pause, Resume, and Stop timers directly
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    • Export always exports all columns

      Hi, I am exporting Sprints tickets to cls and only need the following fields - EPIC - Item Type - Release - 'Release Note External' (which is a custom field) Unfortunately: - the file always contains all standard fields - it does not contain my custom

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      • New in Zoho Sprints: Release Management

        Hello all,    We are excited to launch the next big feature on our roadmap - The all-new 'Release Management'. We can hear your 'WOW' and yes we're also happy to hit our next milestone. Agile as a concept strives in delivering a qualified outcome at the end of each iteration. This process will not only help hasten your delivery but can also stand as a potential to plan your next phase accordingly. Do you think these iterations are sufficient to run your projects?    For instance, if you have a big
      • Bug Viewer for Zoho Sprints

        Project managers work on multiple sprints simultaneously, and given the potential for a number of bugs that can crop up, it is helpful if the bugs can be viewed in a single location. This is made possible by the Bug Viewer for Zoho Sprints extension.
      • Tip #28 - Plan less and deliver more using WIP limit in Zoho Sprints

        Hello, It's been a while since we met with a quick, interesting tip. As the saying goes, "Too much of anything is good for nothing", today the focus is on delivering your outcomes with the right amount of planning. Your plan should be practical, calculative, and achievable for driving a qualitative success.    Laura's plan   Laura has a habit of planning her project deliverables before assigning work to her team-mates. Once the plan is finalized, she schedules a general meeting with her team and
      • Ask the experts - Live Q and A on the latest releases from Jan-Apr 2019

        Hello all,   We are excited to kick-start the 'Ask the experts' community series for Zoho Sprints. This series is user-centric and we will focus more on the latest releases and queries that are frequently discussed in our customer support tickets. The first version will cover all the features released in the first quarter of 2019.    What's in the first half?   The first half of this year has been successful with some feature releases and enhancements. Take a look at the list below: Custom layouts
      • Introduce automation to your iterations with Zoho Flow

        We are delighted to announce that you can now connect your favorite project management applications and automate your workflows using Zoho Flow. The great news is, you don't have to spend your time or effort in coding complex integrations. Using Zoho Flow's drag and drop builder, you can effortlessly build customized workflows with triggers and actions. What is a Trigger? A trigger is an event that kickstarts the flow. What is an Action? An action is a task that the flow executes automatically. For