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    • New guidelines of Google and Yahoo

      Dear users, Google and Yahoo have introduced their new guidelines for email standards to take effect starting this month. To protect their users from spam and fraudulent emails, they've mandated email authentication for the emails sent to their users.
    • Announcing new pricing plans for Zoho TeamInbox

      Dear all, After extending an introductory offer to our customers for almost one and a half years, we are now announcing our pricing plans . We'll have two plans defined as Starter and Professional annually at $5 and $7.5 respectively. These pricing plans
    • Associate multiple sender addresses with your inbox

      Hello all,   We have recently made changes to the inbox creation flow in Zoho TeamInbox. You can now create and associate multiple sender addresses with your inboxes to use them while sending out emails.   Why should you associate sender addresses with
    • Measure your team performance with Analytics

      Hello all,   While working as a team, it is always important to stay updated about the team's performance, so you'll know what you're doing well and where you should put more effort. To enable this, we are introducing Analytics in Zoho TeamInbox where
    • Welcome to the Zoho TeamInbox Community

      Hello everyone,   We are glad to welcome you to our Zoho TeamInbox' community forum. Let us quickly get started with the what and why of Zoho TeamInbox.   Zoho TeamInbox, from the makers of Zoho Mail, is a shared inbox tool for teams to enhance collaboration,
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    • Default Email Address In TeamInbox

      I have a number of sending addresses configured in TeamInbox. I use ONE as my main address and the others infrequently, as needed. I've noticed that in the last week, any time I reply to an incoming message, it defaults tbe sending address to the first