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    • Important update: Changes to email sender policies

      Hello, This is to announce important changes to email sender policies from Google that may impact your use of Zoho Webinar. Restriction on public domains Effective February 1, 2024, Google is implementing policies that will affect the configuration of
    • Zoho Webinar is now available as a new and separate dedicated app.

      Hello All, We have separated the webinar functionality of the Zoho Meeting app into a new dedicated mobile app. Onboarding carousel in Webinar mobile app iOS platform: Onboarding carousel in Webinar mobile app Android platform: Joining a webinar session:
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    • Zoho Webinar - Duration

      Hello, I have my webinar duration set to 1 hour, what happens if my webinar goes longer? Will it allow me to continue if i need to or will it cut me off?