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    • Live webinar: Leverage the power of WorkDrive's file management within Bigin

      Hello everyone, We're excited to invite you to an upcoming live webinar where we'll delve into the seamless integration between Zoho WorkDrive and Bigin by Zoho CRM! Our product experts from Zoho WorkDrive will be guiding you through the setup process
    • New in WorkDrive: Introducing TrueSync for Windows

      With WorkDrive's TrueSync, you no longer have to worry about your hard drive storage limit. You can access all your team files without downloading them onto your desktop.  Let's say you have 250GB of hard disk space and about 2TB of files stored on WorkDrive. With
    • Live webinar: Explore WorkDrive 4.0's enhanced productivity and usability

      Hello everyone, Join us for an exciting live webinar where we'll delve into the latest feature updates of Zoho WorkDrive 4.0! What can you expect in this webinar? Our product experts from Zoho WorkDrive will guide you through the features and enhancements
    • Virtual event: Document management and e-signatures with Zoho

      Hello everyone, Join us for an exciting virtual gathering: the Zoho WorkDrive and Zoho Sign community meetup for the education sector. This meetup will provide an excellent opportunity for educators and professionals in the education domain to optimize
    • New in WorkDrive: Templates

      Templates are preset layouts that help you create files with consistent file settings, such as style, design, and formatting, including the default or primary content.  Zoho WorkDrive allows you to create and use templates for documents and spreadsheets
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    • Finding offline files on computer in case Truesync doesn't start

      Hi, I have a very specific use case, I like to discuss : I've installed TrueSync, set some file to be available offline. I'm travelling and need to access these files. There is no internet access (I'm often in trains in regions with poor connections).
    • Retrieve full file path

      Hello, For files stored in WorkDrive, is it possible to get the full file path (filename and extension included) via Deluge or the api? So instead of.. https://workdrive.zoho.com/file/jdfi38******lewif we're trying to get.. https://workdrive.zoho.com/file/jdfi38******lewif/document.pdf
    • Zoho Workdrive API call to find public external Link for a Folder

      Hi all, I can create new external share links for a WD Folder using this API call https://workdrive.zoho.com.au/api/v1/links . This works fine, however if there is already an external link created for a given folder, trying to create a new one fails (which
    • Please offer "deluge" as code snippet type

    • Emoji support in workdrive

      Hello, We are using emojis in our filenames and folder to help visually find relevant data. Currently Workdrive is stripping out emojis and the rest of the filename (along with the suffix), making the file unreadable when they are synchronized with desktop.

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      • Tip #5: Setting access rights at the subfolder level

        Hello everyone, We hope you're finding our WorkDrive Tips and Tricks series useful. For today's tip, we'll teach you how to assign higher subfolder permissions to Team Folder members. Team Folders helps you avoid the drawbacks of traditional file sharing.
      • WorkDrive API Documentation

        WorkDrive provides users and developers an extensive set of APIs to help integrate functionalities of Zoho WorkDrive with other Zoho applications and third-party tools. We have published the official WorkDrive API Documentation page for all external users.
      • Support for Search in WorkDrive TrueSync

        Zoho WorkDrive now supports searching files and folders from within the TrueSync app in your computer. From the TrueSync tray icon menu, you can search for files and folders and double-click them to open or go to the folder location. Note: If the file
      • March 15, 2023: Zoho Docs is discontinued

        As of today (March 15, 2023) Zoho Docs is discontinued for all users. We would like to thank our customers for trusting us for so many years! Going forward, we're confident you'll enjoy using Zoho WorkDrive for all your advanced file management and collaboration
      • Support for auto-upgrade in TrueSync (for Windows)

        WorkDrive TrueSync app now supports auto-upgrading to the latest version for Windows OS. You must manually download and install the TrueSync app version 3.4.0 to avail this feature. Download the latest TrueSync app for Windows (version 3.4.0) Supported