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    • Announcements

    • Improved Temp visibility with the enhanced Roster View

      We're excited to announce a significant enhancement in Zoho Workerly that makes it easier than ever to see who is assigned to your shifts. Now, instantly view the number of temps scheduled for a shift, along with their profile pictures. Simplify your
    • Introducing a dedicated view for "Scheduled Temps"

      Tired of managing hundreds of temp records in Workerly? Wouldn't it be cool if you had them all sorted automatically on a weekly basis just a click away? Introducing the enhanced "Scheduled Temps" view, your new shortcut to manage workforce effortlessly.
    • Enhance your Replacement Searches with Advanced Filtering

      We're thrilled to announce an exciting enhancement to Workerly's Find Replacement feature! Previously, temp matching was confined to the criteria saved for the respective job. With the introduction of advanced filters, refining your search is just a click
    • Introducing Shift Patterns

      We're thrilled to announce the Fixed and Flexible Shift Patterns, catering to your diverse workforce needs! Zoho Workerly now empowers you to choose between Fixed and Flexible Shift Patterns, tailoring your schedule to the needs of each job and temp.
    • Flexibility Unleashed: Introducing Additional Photo Clock-In/Out Options for Temps

      We are pleased to announce an important update to our check-in and check-out capabilities - administrators now have the ability to enable mandatory photo capture when temps clock in and out of their shifts. For organizations already utilizing Zoho Workerly's