Extension Pointers - Simple yet significant pointers #3: Connected Apps

Extension Pointers - Simple yet significant pointers #3: Connected Apps

Setting the data access permissions for Connected Apps

What are Connected Apps?
Connected apps help bring Zoho CRM together with third-party applications and services through APIs.
Widgets are one of the many ways in which Connected Apps provide integration support. Widgets are embeddable UI components that can perform specific functions using data from third-party applications. You can enhance the existing functionality of your CRM by embedding these widgets into it.
How can you set permissions for functioning of a Connected App?
  1. You can set and define the data access permissions based on which the Connected App will work. 


  1. After you've associated a widget as a Connected App, go to the Utilities section and select Connected Apps. On the configured Connected App, click the Permission button.
  2. These permissions allow the Connected App to access data such as readcreateupdate, and delete the records from all modules, as well as invoke connector APIs inside the extension.



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